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Custom Golf Carts on a Budget – Seat Covers

Okay, you bought your family a used golf cart. So you ask yourself, what can I do to customize (or spruce up!) my used golf car and not spend much money? Today we will be talking about one of the more economical ways to change the look of your golf cart. Seat Covers should be available from your local dealer or from one of the many online dealers. They are inexpensive, easy for the owner to install, and can dramatically improve the look of your golf cart. It doesn’t matter if your golf cart is new or old seat covers will give your cart a custom look at a cost that should not hurt your pocketbook. Not only do they help to protect your seats, they can keep your seat cooler and help stop your legs from sticking on those hot summer days. Seat cover are easy to install in just a few minutes and the results are amazing.

Seat covers are available in many different styles, colors, and materials. The first style is the slip-on seat covers. These are the least expensive and literally just slip on over the existing seat bottom and back rest of your golf cart. This style of seat cover is fairly universal, but you need to be sure you order the right style for your make and model of golf car. Slip-On seat covers are offered in solid colors, stripes, plaids, and even coma. They are manufactured in several texture as well. You might want a soft sheep’s wool feel, or maybe a more rugged corduroy type material. No matter what look or feel you choose the change in the appearance of your golf cart will be instant. The second style is the more traditional automotive type vinyl seat covers that replace the factory installed vinyl covers on your cart. This style is more heavy duty than the slip-on covers and offer a crisp more professional fitted look. Although this version will take a little longer to install the finished product will be worth the effort. You can custom order these covers in what ever color combination you want. Most of the time you will find them in a two tone design, but if your vision for your custom golf cart demands a solid, or multi-color, that too is available If you intend to fully customize your golf cart at a later time I would recommend spending a little extra time, and money, and install the automotive type vinyl seat cover. In the long run these will hold up better and give you many years of satisfaction. But, which ever style of seat covers you decide is right for you and your family I am sure you will agree that for the amount of time and money that is involved the new look you will achieve for your golf cart is amazing.

Why Do You Need to Have a Dog Seat Cover For Your Car?

Who doesn’t love to travel with their dogs? Some of us do not just bring our dogs to walk in the park, we also love to bring them with us wherever we go. Our dogs are our very best friends. When we go visiting our friends or on an outing, we bring along our beloved dog with us. Most often, we travel to our destination by car. Most of the time, our dog will be sitting in the rear seat of the car. As a dog owner, we know that dogs have some undesirable habits. Firstly, dogs tends to drool and the saliva would be dripping onto your leather seat of your car. When you do not clean it immediately and the saliva dries up, it would cause a terrible stain mark on your beautiful car seat. It is very unsightly. Furthermore, you have to use a special car leather stain removal product to undo the damage. Hence, it is time consuming and costly if you are going to bring your dog out. Secondly, dogs sometimes leave their paw prints behind on your seat. That will cause a ugly mark on your car seat too. To make things worse, sometimes the dog moves around in the car and its sharp paws would certainly scratch your car seat. That is permanent damage to your car seat. The only solution is to change your car seat cover and this can cost an arm and a leg sometimes. Thirdly, if you do not clean your dog before letting him into the car, your dog will bring along mud, grass and dirt from outside of the car and onto your car seat. Can you imagine the time you’ll have to spend vacuuming and cleaning your car seat every time you bring your dog out? And what happens when it is a rainy day? Your car seat will be a huge mess of mud, grass, dirt and rain that is brought in by your dog. It dirties your expensive upholstery or even your brand new leather seat cover that you just got installed. Not only that, what if you have kids who sit at the rear of your car? They will be exposed to the dirt and germs that are brought in by the dogs.

Fourthly, if your dog is too short to look out of the window, he would find ways to increase his height to see what is happening outside the car. So, your dog may stand on your leather arm rest and scratch the leather in the process of doing so. As you know, once your leather is scratched, there is nothing much you can do but to change to a new one. That is costly as compared to getting dog car seat cover. Fifthly, when you make a turn or stop at the traffic light, sometimes your dog will slide off the car seat. This may cause unnecessary injury to your dog, and you would spend more money to bring your dog to see the vet. And if your dog suffers a serious injury, it is definitely too high a price to pay for a simple trip with your beloved dog. With a dog seat cover in place, it is safer for your dog as it is unlikely for your dog to slide off the seat. Dogs are intelligent animals. If your dog had the bad experience of sliding around the back seats when you made a sharp turn, it will learn to find its own grip the next time you make a sudden turn or step on the brakes abruptly. It will learn to grip your car seat with its paws. Thus, it would scratch your car seat and cause permanent marks on the car seats. If you don’t want scratches or holes in your seat covers, you need to prevent your dog from getting to them with its teeth and nails. But don’t even think of using discarded bedsheets or blankets to cover the seats. These don’t work very well — your dog can easily move them around and more often than not, the sheets will end up in one corner and your seats will be exposed. Use a proper dog seat cover and you’ll never face this problem! In conclusion, buying a dog seat cover for your dog is good investment for your car, your dog and yourself. You can protect both of your beloved car seat and your dog.

Dog Car Seat Covers

If you’re traveling with your dog and want to avoid the mess left by dog hairs, etc., dog seat car covers car covers can make your life and your dogs much easier. These companies usually offer a choice between a standard or customized cover depending on how much you want to spend. Some have straps to secure them to the seats firmly. While others, like those provided by Cozy K9, have a unique non-slip surface that just lies on the seat of your car. Handicapped Pets offers customized seat covers ideally suited for elderly dogs and disabled pets. Orvis offers covers in great designs and colors starting at $45.00. Sure, there are plenty  of web sites and hunter supply magazines that have state of the art camo seat covers for prices that are just as amazing. But, what are you, the average hunter supposed to do if you can’t afford to spend such high prices on your camo seat covers or would prefer to spend that money on other types of hunting equipment? The answer is easy, just get online and start looking. There are many sites that have the name brand state of the art camouflage seat covers you are dreaming about, but for a lot less money. All that is required of you is putting forth a little bit of effort in order to find them. The following suggestions will get you a long way to finding the camouflage seat covers that will complete your hunting truck, boat, or stand.

Tip #1 eBay

You may already be aware of this, but eBay is an amazing location to find everything you could ever want, even camouflage seat covers. There are some sellers that have online stores and a variety of items in stock at all times and then there are personal sellers that are selling an item because they need the money, are replacing it, or whatever reason. You will find several listings for camouflage seat covers and then all you have to do is bid. Remember, if you search eBay today and there are no listings, check back tomorrow because this is an auction site that has new listings every day.

Tip #2 Discount Online Sellers

There are many discount online sellers that provide the hunter with all kinds of supplies, including camo seat covers. All you have to do is find the best discount hunting supply websites and look for the camo seat covers you want. You will have to check back often if you do not encounter them on your first visit, but if you are patient.

Tip #3 Sales from Major Retailers

Even the major hunting supply retailers have sales. The best thing to do is to visit their websites and look for the sale or discounted section. If you continuously check these pages you will eventually find what you are looking for, plus a whole lot of other supplies that you need and will enjoy buying at a discount.